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You awake in a shallow grave. Your nails scratch at the coffin lid above you and the beating of your fists breaks the rotting wood. Your fingers part the perfumed earth.

The night air is cold and tastes of blood and longing. You can smell the soil in your nostrils and something else, something… new.

Around you, you hear fingernails breaking as your new siblings claw their way to the surface around you. Something in you has changed. You are not what you once were…

You are a brood, now. United in death. You desire, as one, to hunt for the one who made you this way, though you do not know why or to what end.

At night, The Hunt awakes and you are compelled to find them. In the day, the feeling weakens and you may strive to keep what is left of your humanity intact.

This Has Made Monsters Of Us is a mini RPG where players take on the role of the recently deceased. As you hunt for your killer, you must try to balance your desire for revenge and your dwindling humanity.


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